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Does neurological disorders medications need a prescription?

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No, most of neurological disorders medications (e.g. anti-depression, or anti-seizure, or Parkinson’s medications) do not require a doctor’s prescription.

However, several potent sleep aids are not available without prescription i.e. lorazepam (ativan), or midazolam (xanax) etc.

Please not that customers cannot make a purchase of the following medications as we DO NOT dispense/sell/refill any controlled substances that require a prescription including but not limit to:

  • controlled substances e.g. midazolam (xanax), or diazepam (valium) etc.
  • narcotics e.g. opioids (morphine, fentanyl), or ketamine etc.
  • sexual health medication i.e. sildenafil (viagra) and tadalafil (cialis)
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