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2 Ways to Refill Prescriptions in Bangkok, Thailand

Obtaining Medications

The need to obtain medications while traveling in Bangkok can occur for any number of reasons, for example, you may not have packed sufficient medication for the entire stay or lost them during travel. Travelers should have a medication list including their generic names in case there is a need to refill any of the meds during travel.


Recognize that some meds are different in Thailand

The name of a drug bought in Bangkok may be identical or similar to the medications bought in a different areas, but many of them do not have the same brand name as the one you bought at your country.


Find a drugstore that has a pharmacist

It is not uncommon to walk into a drugstore in Thailand that does not have a pharmacist on service, and some of them are a pharmacist assistant driven a drugstore business. Unfortunately, this kind of illegal drugstore has far more number than the legal part and they might give you a different  medication or not be in the same dosage and could cause serious effects to your health.



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